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We are a full-service IT solutions company serving the state of Indiana.

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About us…

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About Us...

Tech Heads is the original preferred Apple consultant for the state of Indiana. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network for years, we are fully certified and hold computer science degrees in our field. Tech Heads is a full-service IT solutions company that serves the entire state of Indiana. The business idea was developed to help individuals and businesses which rely upon technology find solutions for IT problems without the exorbitant costs that plague the IT world.

Tech Heads offers a wide range of technical services for your home, office, and business needs. We are fully certified to meet your needs, and our goal is to exceed the expectations of everyone that purchases our services by offering the best possible solution for every customer. Our solutions are custom-tailored to every individual as we enjoy presenting creative and flexible solutions that are based upon the needs and budget of each customer.

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