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We are Apple Service and we know all things Apple as we are completely Apple certified to take care of your needs.
Trained and certified in Cupertino, California, we will make sure you receive the best service which surpasses your expectationsTech Heads expertise will allow you to get the most out of your Apple products…and have fun at the same time! After time, your Mac may not work as fast, or efficiently, as it originally did, and it may require some Apple Services. This can be caused by operating system errors which develop over time due to a number of reasons. Our service will clean your operating system by checking and removing any invalid registry entries and verify all digital file signatures. All operating system updates will also be installed along with any third-party software updates you desire.

Even Macs need Apple Service and cleaning from time to time.  Whether your hard drive is fragmented, or you need a data recovery performed on a crashed hard drive, Tech Heads can helpLet Tech Heads setup your new Apple products so you can enjoy them without any hassle. Whether you have a new iMac and need your PC data transferred or are wanting a wireless network installed to stream music throughout your house, we would love to help you.

Some of Tech Heads popular Apple services include: 

Cross Platform Support for environments with both Windows and Mac through Apple Services. Wired and Wireless Networking in any Environment.  Networking of multimedia devices such as Apple TV, Airport Express for streaming music throughout your home or office which can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone as well as your computer.

Your Apple Help Resource

All our services include free pickup and delivery.

Tech Heads Apple help and support assists retail customers and business owners from start to finish…and beyond. We begin by listening to your needs and walking with you every step of the way, whether that is to a one-time solution, or on-going support.

Tech Heads Apple help services are ready for you. We are certified to work on both Apple and Windows computers. Tech Heads computer repair and Apple help resources transport you away from your computer problems. We provide fast and flawless computer repair to solve all types of PC and Mac repair issues…on any type of computer device.

With full service IT solutions ranging from data recovery to cross platform support, and virus removal….Noblesville is the center of it all for Tech Heads.

Let us brighten your day.

With full service IT solutions ranging from data recovery to cross platform support, and virus removal, Noblesville is the center of it all for Tech Heads.


Tech Heads offers Apple support solutions for home and business.

 We encourage all individuals and businesses to bypass the hassle of a trip to the Keystone Apple Store with our expedited onsite services. All Tech Heads services are Apple certified and include free pickup and delivery service to your destination of choice. We want to serve you.

We independently offer professional services to individuals, providers, and technology consulting firms that specialize in Apple and third-party solutions. As a business, Tech Heads has been a formal member of the Apple Consultants Network for years and our CEO was a former Apple Genius trained in Cupertino, a preferred member of the Apple Consultants Network, and is currently certified in Apple technologies. Specializing in on-site technology services with support to home users and businesses of all sizes, including Windows users in cross-platform environments.

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We are experts at everything Apple. Please contact Tech Heads for Apple authorized service support pertaining to any of the following software and hardware devices listed below.

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If you needs help with anything hardware or software related Mac orApple, Tech Heads has got you covered. We offer free pickup and delivery along with free remote assistance for 30 days pertaining
to any Tech Heads service.
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All our services include free pickup
and delivery. No matter what your warranty status is, Tech Heads can
fix your Apple device. Tech Heads is your Apple Authorized Service
Provider for all things Mac and
Apple including macOS, iPads,
iPhones, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro,
Mac Pro, and Mac mini.

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We offer free pickup and delivery so you can get on with your life. No more long hours spent at The Apple Store. We come to you! Tech Heads comes
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