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Tech Heads IS Apple Service. We knows all things Apple. We are Apple certified to take care of your needs. Trained and certified in Cupertino, California, we will make sure you receive the best service which surpasses your expectations. Tech Heads expertise will allow you to get the most out of your Apple products…and have fun at the same time!
After time, your Mac may not work as fast or efficiently as it originally did. This can be caused by operating system errors which develop over time due to a number of reasons. Our service will clean your operating system by checking and removing any invalid registry entries and verify all digital file signatures. All operating system updates will also be installed along with any third-party software updates you desire.

Even Macs need maintenance and cleaning from time to time.  Whether your hard drive is fragmented, or you need a data recovery performed on a crashed hard drive, Tech Heads can help.
Let Tech Heads setup your new Apple products so you can enjoy them without any hassle. Whether you have a new iMac and need your PC data transferred or are wanting a wireless network installed to stream music throughout your house, we would love to help you.

Some of Tech Heads popular Apple services include: 

Cross Platform Support for environments with both Windows and Mac
Wired and Wireless Networking in any Environment
Networking of multimedia devices such as Apple TV, Airport Express for streaming music throughout your home or office which can be controlled by an iPad or iPhone as well as your computer.

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