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Fishers Apple Support

Fishers Apple Support

Tech Heads is Fishers Apple Support Experts

Tech Heads Fishers Apple support services are the most comprehensive on the market. We assist retail customers and business owners from start to finish, and beyond. We begin by listening to your needs and walking with you every step of the way, whether that is to a one-time solution, or on-going support.

For everything Mac, Tech Heads has the answers and the right solution for you. Get certified Apple warranty and out of warranty repairs on your iMacs, MacBooks, Mac mini, iPhones, and iPads from an Apple Support Professional trained and certified at Apple in Cupertino, CA. The most highly qualified professional time and care is taken with your Apple product. Tech Heads offers creative Apple business solutions for your IT needs, as well.

Contact Tech Heads today for all of your Apple and Mac needs.

Apple Support Fishers Apple Support for All of Your Devices.

With Tech Heads, your Apple products are in the best hands.
A long-time member of the Apple Consultants Network, we offer tailored services and solutions based around your needs and your Apple products. Whether your home or business uses both PC and Mac computers, we guarantee all services.

Tech Heads delivers personalized Apple support service onsite to your home or business.

Tech Heads is Fishers’ and Noblesville’s complete Mac solution. Let Tech Heads setup all of your Mac and Apple devices so you get the most out of your devices. Let us teach you how to use your iPhone, iPad, and Apple computer to connect to each other and simplify your life.


New User Apple Support

New to Mac? Tech Heads has been serving Fishers and Noblesville, IN for years by helping answer your questions and fixing your problems. Let us help you today, so you can get back to enjoying your Mac the way it was intended.

Tech Heads knows all things Apple. We are Apple certified to take care of your needs. Trained and certified in Cupertino, California, we ensure you receive the best service which will surpass your expectations. Tech Heads expertise will allow you to get the most out of your Apple products…and have fun at the same time!

Need your Apple computer worked on? Whether you want music streaming throughout your house or need a powerful and dynamic business environment setup, Tech Heads tailors all IT solutions around your specific needs.

Contact Tech Heads today to learn how you can enjoy the best Apple support and let Tech Heads set up your
Apple products so you can enjoy them hassle-free. We come to you.


Fishers Apple Support Services

We are central Indiana’s small business and individual trusted technology expert. As the original member of the Apple Consultants Network in Indiana, we are certified to address Apple and PC issues alike. Tech Heads offers extensive support and consultation services based upon your needs.

Tech Heads Service Levels

Standard time and materials

Please see our rate schedule below. Standard business hours support is available on an as needed basis during normal business hours of 8am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Retained / Maintenance Programs

Many clients prefer a retainer or maintenance type package. This is a customized package for specific services based around your specific needs, workstation maintenance routines, expanded hours of support and more dynamic response times. Similarly, these packages also have a fixed rate to help you plan your monthly budget. Above all, there are no hidden costs. In addition, we work within your budget.

Here is a list of our most popular services

  • Install, maintain and repair Windows, Mac, and Linux based workstations
  • Support for: multi function units, printers, projection displays, etc.
  • Support for all industry standard application software
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Office and home wireless router installation & security evaluation
  • iPhone support (Setup, Exchange, Outlook & sync issues)
  • Data recovery and rebuild as a result of a virus / malware or deletion
  • Design specs and quote entire office network / workstation systems
  • Consult on office infrastructure: network, video, sound system, cabling & wired / wireless router units, cross platform environment
  • Install and maintain Windows, Mac, or Linux based servers and support equipment
  • Full corporate email migration services from hosted Exchange Office 365
  • Implementation and support of Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Implementation and support of Cisco Unified Messaging
  • Safeguard internal data using CA ARCserve to backup corporate infrastructures
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures for corporate backup and disaster recovery plans
Apple Support - Tech Heads

Fishers Computer Repair General Service Rates

$100.00 onsite service call $125.00 /hr (general) $140.00 /hr (network) $200.00 /hr (emergency / after hours / holiday support) Includes: onsite services / phone support / remote connection support / consultation / project research / proposal build / web development 4 hour response to phone message from 8am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri)

Normal business hours: 8am to 5pm EST (Monday through Friday) – all other times by appointment or defined in service plan.

Maintenance & Service Plan Rates / Incident Packs

$120.00 /hr (prepaid 6 hour incident pack) w/ 2 service calls $115.00 /hr (prepaid 10 hour incident pack) w/ 3 service calls $110.00 /hr (prepaid 20 hour incident pack) w/ 4 service calls – onsite based on 8am – 5pm, Mon-Fri, Indianapolis zone Service plan accounts also receive: – priority service response and call scheduling – 2 hour response to phone message from 8am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri) – 2 hour response to phone message from 8am to Noon EST (Sat)

Customized maintenance & service plans are available

Cloud Based Data Backup

Tech Heads supports a variety of data access/backup options depending on your needs, and will support the final custom solution that is right for you. Most importantly, It can be difficult choosing the best backup option with all the choices available today. However, we will make the experience easy, most notably, for the end user to navigate. Likewise, with ever-changing technology offered by most subscription services, we will help you decide what is best for your needs and personally guide you through the installation process if desired, and also be there for any ongoing support if needed. Contact us today, so we can determine the best data backup solution is based for your needs.

Hosted Exchange Corporate Email

Learn how Tech Heads can transform your business email into a streamlined work environment capable  of multitasking on multiple devices in calendars, contacts, notes, email, and even SharePoint. Share calendars with your team and more. Let Tech Heads migrate your existing email accounts from one service to another while keeping your contacts and notes and personal information intact. Please call (317) 809-8912 for more information.

Fishers Computer Repair Remote Assistance

Experiencing issues with your computer? Tech Heads may be able to help you remotely. Give us a call – we may be able to save you time…and money! Tech Heads offers remote assistance for your convenience. Let Tech Heads help you today.

In addition, all services performed by Tech Heads come with free remote assistance for 30 days pertaining to any work performed by us. Call us, and we are just a mouse-click away from helping you resolve many issues remotely.

Would you like to access your home or office computer remotely from any computer or even your iPhone or other smartphone? Remotely access your files from anywhere in the world with your own personal cloud service. Contact us today.

Secure Remote Connection

Because commerce in today’s world is so dependent upon computers for business operations, Tech Heads services put you back in full swing in the shortest amount of time. Let us connect remotely to our secure online support site and help you remotely for even faster service. Hence, if you are experiencing virus corruption, software application breakdowns, or many other types of computer repair issues, Our online approach is the fastest and most convenient way to handle your computer repair trouble and is certainly worth your time.

In conclusion, Tech Heads Fishers computer repair service is ready to serve you and is fully certified to work on both Apple and Windows computers and home and business networks. We provide fast remote connectivity to your PC or Mac to resolve problems. As long as you have Internet connectivity, we should be able to connect to you remotely from anywhere in the world.

Tech Heads AnyApp

Learn About AnyApp!  

AnyApp allows Mac end-users to use software and apps created for Windows on the Macintosh without the need for a Windows operating system like Windows 10.  

This enables small businesses to run legacy software that their business depends on everyday.

Windows On Your Mac

 Above all, AnyApp allows PC applications to run on macOS without a virtual machine. 

Furthermore, there is no need to load Windows 
 and pay for 
the licensing. Accomplish more with access
to any PC or Mac software or game on one computer.  

Above all, this is the simplest and most efficient way to run Windows apps on a Mac. 

In conclusion, it is now possible to run multiple versions of the same Windows software title
on your Mac – including outdated software which is no longer supported by Windows.

Tech Heads AnyApp