Backup Solutions

Complete data backup solutions.

Data Backup

Backup Solutions

Data backup service located near Noblesville, Indiana.

A solid backup solution is the most important service you will ever need.

Backup Solutions

Tech Heads offers a variety of data backup solutions for home and office alike. Choose either onsite or offsite backup. Scheduled backups are performed at specified times. We can protect your data without interfering with work and productivity.

If needed, we will additionally design and install any needed network services for your data backup solution. In addition, we will install the fastest and most secure network available. With the newest network technology, Tech Heads can then design any needed network parts that are especially relevant to the data backup.  Finally, your ability to stream videos and music across the secure network will be greater as a result of properly configured wireless networking.

Backup Solutions
Backup Solutions

Network Access Storage

Network Access Storage (NAS) is by far the most popular type of backup service available.

Whether backing up onsite or offsite, NAS is completely configurable to meet the needs of home or small businesses. Incrememntal backups that work in the background and do not interfer with user. All data backup solutions are custom designed around your needs and they will not interfere with you network bandwidth. We ensure a fast network between all devices. Tech Heads has the best solution for you, and our service is designed to grow as you grow.

For home and business backup solutions, please email or call Tech Heads at 317.809.8912 for a custom-tailored cost-effective solution for any environment.

Custom Solutions

We offer both onsite and offsite solutions depending on your needs. Scheduled backups are performed at specific intervals that you choose so as not to interfere with bandwidth or productivity during peak usage.

Furthermore, Tech Headsl gives you the best possible experience user experience. As a result, your environment works correctly allowing you to utilizes these tools to simplify your life and, most of all, business.

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Backup Solutions

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